Our staff are well repected providers who have a true passion for helping our clients recover

"I would like to sincerely endorse the TRUST Program as well as personally recommend Jani Nelson for her dedication, professionalism, and evaluations that go above and beyond to help clients that we have referred to their office.  Rehabilitation counseling, dual diagnosis evaluations and compassion are crucial for those who have been affected by alcohol or drug addiction.  TRUST the Program, TRUST a Board Certified DUI Attorney and TRUST the team of professionals who are result oriented and trained to assist YOUR loved one. "

Virginia Landry

"As an attorney who’s practice focuses on clients facing criminal charges related to drugs and alcohol, I’ve had to interact with many sobriety programs over the years.  Unfortunately, many of the programs I’ve worked with didn’t care for my clients the way I do. Many programs care only about insurance payouts and copays.  Not TRUST.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with the TRUST program over the course of many months.  I’ve entrusted them with multiple clients and cannot overstate the impact their staff and program have had for them. They truly care about *you*. They care about helping you navigating the rocky waters of addiction. I have personally seen the difference their program has made, both inside and outside the courtroom.  If you’re looking to get your life back call them. Let them help you be the best you that you can be."

Jonathan Reza

“For the last 36 of my 45 years of criminal defense practice I have been devoted exclusively to representing people with drug and alcohol issues, with the purpose of helping them get clean and sober. In doing this work which I refer to as sobriety law, I’m committed to looking at not only what was done by the police officer and the defendant but trying to determine why it was done. When I find out the answer, I have an ethical obligation to help those people and the journey they are on. This is why my mantra has been “I strive to get a person off the case, but equally, if not more important, to get them out of the system.
In doing this I must rely on professionals,  primarily in the area of therapy and rehabilitation programs.

In the last several years I have relied on a shrinking number of effective programs. Many programs do not offer what I feel are the two essential elements of successful rehabilitation, which is work with a cognitive behavioral therapist and a program that provides a connection with AA. One of the few programs I currently use that has been extremely effective is The TRUST Program. Through their court liaison Jani Nelson and their therapists Paula Clark & Tanya Wardner they have been instrumental in assisting many of my clients in achieving sobriety. They constantly strive to see their clients succeed.

There are many programs that are driven primarily by their wallets, however, TRUST is driven primarily from their hearts. So my thanks to them for the success of many of my clients."

Lloyd Freeberg