Sober living

Coordination of Care

TRUST SoCal it allows an individual to receive extensive support, structure, and clinical services, while also allowing for free time for growth and self-discovery.

Our Services Include:

  • Alumni Programing
  • Transitional Living Services
  • Planned Outings
  • Life Skills Building
  • … etc

Sober Living House

Sober living houses (SLHs) are alcohol and drug free living environments for individuals in Recovery attempting to abstain from alcohol and drugs.  They are not licensed or funded by state or local governments and the residents themselves pay for costs.:

Front of Sober Living House

Sober Living House

Shared Bedrooms

Shared Bedrooms

We like to have fun

Sober Fun

Alumni Program 

Our alumni group offers monthly support to those that have completed TRUST SoCal. The Alumni Group is peer lead with the assistance of the professional staff of Experience Recovery. 

supporting each other
  • The Alumni group is available for only those that have completed treatment. This is a time of fun, fellowship and opportunity to be of service. The benefit of participating in our Alumni group will ensure that you remain connected with others and will continue to grow in your recovery.