Mental Health Program PHP/IOP

Those impacted with mental health challenges experience major transitions in their lives.  With the guidance and support of family, peers and the staff at TRUST SoCal individuals begin to define and explore new ways of understanding themselves and the world around them.

TRUST SoCAl offers a comprehensive behavioral health intensive outpatient program that is specifically designed to provide an ideal environment and opportunities to address issues of mental health.

Our dedicated team of behavioral health counselors focus on evidence-based treatment proven to build mental wellness.Partial Hospitalization Program is the highest level of daytime outpatient care available at TRUST SoCal and provides at least six hours per day of group or individual treatment for primary mental health.

Our mental health treatment consists of:

  • Stepping onto the Path –Learning about strategies for change that can help you on your Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness – Building awareness, acceptance and healthy expression of emotions.
  • Intellectual Wellness – Actively pursuing lifelong learning and creativity.
  • Physical Wellness – Making daily decisions that contribute to the overall health of your body.
  • Social Wellness – Building healthy, nurturing and mutually supportive relationships.
  • Spiritual Wellness – Living a life that matches your values, beliefs and sense of purpose.
  • Staying on the Wellness Path –Discovering joy in your ongoing wellness and recovery.

What makes TRUST SoCal successful in working with those impacted with mental impairment is the relationship we build with each and every individual.  We believe that true recovery is more than a decrease of symptoms instead it is becoming more fully human.

We accomplish this by individualized case management.  We understand that each person has different needs and to meet these needs they need support.  We walk beside our clients on their journey of recovery.