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The TRUST SoCal program is trusted not only by numerous attorneys but the courts as well

We have had our clients accepted in North, West, Central and Harbor Courts, as well as Los Angeles and Riverside County. We are partnered with SCRAM of CA, a trusted and reliable alcohol monitoring provider in the Orange County Judicial System. We utilize the PharmChem drug patch, a much more trusted drug testing protocol than ordinary urinalysis testing. We have worked hard to become a trusted source in the courtroom, and our results are evidence of that.


All clients are required to attend at least two outside self-help meetings such as AA/NA or SMART recovery, and their attendance is monitored by either their therapist or case manager. Obtaining a sponsor is also a requirement.



Typically when a client voluntarily enrolls in an outpatient program like TRUST, it shows the court that your client is remorseful and willing to be proactive regarding their legal issues. When a client is able to prove “assured abstinence” utilizing the PharmChem drug patch, and the SCRAM alcohol monitoring device, for weeks or months prior to their hearing, optimal sentencing results are enhanced greatly.



We are staffed with only California state-licensed therapists, that provide weekly individual therapy, as well as providing both monthly progress reports to clients’ attorneys- and extensive progress reports for court appearances.

Each client attends two CBT-based 1-hour groups per week. We pride ourselves on the CBT portion of our program, and unlike other programs, we are not psycho-educational, but rather a program that focuses on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that gets to the client’s root issues of why their behavior has brought them to their current legal issues, in turn helping clients take responsibility for their actions and move forward making better decisions in their life.



We provide a program representative at each court date, when needed, to advocate for every one of our clients. Our client and court services liaison is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both attorneys or clients.

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We are dedicated to helping our clients get back on track and are successful in their efforts to become and remain sober.